Court Rules

Waialae Iki 5 
Tennis & Pickleball Court Rules
June 23rd 2021

  1. Tennis Court Use: The tennis facility is for the use of Waialae Iki 5 residents and Lot owners. It is not open to the public.
  2. Guests: A resident or Lot owner may invite up to 4 non-residents to play at the tennis facility but must be present on the courts with guests at all times. This applies to both Tennis and Pickleball players.
  3. Hours of Operation: Tennis: The courts may be used from 7am to 10pm daily. Pickleball: The courts may be used from 8am to 8pm daily.
  4. Reservations: Reservation for one hour of court time may be made 7 days in advance and posted on the reservation board. Extension of this time is based on space availability.
    Pavilion Reservations:Pavilion reservations will automatically include Court 1 for the party hours specified regardless of whether they utilize the court or not.  This is to ensure there is more privacy between the party and players on the court.
    Cancellations: As a courtesy to other residents, cancellations should be made in advance as early as possible.
    Registration: Players must sign in for their court on the posted reservation board outside the Pro Shop.
  5. Party Reservations: A resident or Lot owner may make special reservations for (2) courts for a maximum of 5 hours with rental of the tennis Pavilion.
    Third Court: A third court may not be reserved, but may be used until another resident wishes to use the court.
    Advance Notice: Party reservations must be made with the Property Manager or Tennis Director at least 2 weeks in advance.
    Limitation: Only one reservation date per household may be held at a time.
  6. Attire/Etiquette: Tennis attire and proper shoes are required, shirts must be worn at all times. Common tennis etiquette is expected. Loud or abusive language is not allowed at any time on the courts.
  7. Four Player Maximum: No more than (4) players will be allowed be allowed per Tennis or Pickleball court at a time. There will be no team or group play on the courts unless conducted by the Tennis Director.
  8. Prohibited Activities: No skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles, scooters, ect. are allowed on the courts or the upper decks of the Pavilion. No glass or breakable items are allowed on or near the courts.
    Team Practice Prohibited: The courts shall not be reserved or used at any time for the purpose of conducting team practice.

See attached document for full set of rules:

WI5 Tennis Court Rules UPDATED 2021

Instructor – League COI Policy 2023